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Care Sheet

Frogfish Care


Frogfish are picky eaters often only accepting live foods.  Saltwater shrimp and fish are usually readily accepted.  Freshwater feed guppies and mollies can also be used, but should be used sparingly as the don't provide the frogfish with many important nutrients.  At Frog Fish Planet we try to wean each of our frogfish onto frozen foods, although this is not alway easy and sometimes takes months to train a frogfish to accept frozen foods.  Some of the more common frozen foods that frogfish will accept are silversides, krill, etc.  On each page we specify if a specimen is eating frozen or live foods and what type of foods we are currently feeding them.  We recommend that before you get your frogfish you make sure that you have a supply of acceptable foods ready.  In order to entice your frogfish into eating frozen food a feeding stick is often used.  This is usually a clear acrylic rod that a piece of food can be attached to and "wiggled" in front of the frogfish in order to trick him into eating whatever you are offering him.

Frogfish have a slow metabolism and only need to be feed every 4-5 days.  Although frogfish can eat very large pieces of food it is best to feed them a couple smaller pieces instead of one large piece.  At times frogfish may refuse to eat for long periods of time.  Sometimes for 2-3 weeks.  They often will then start eating again after this long fast.


Frogfish range in size from very small to very large.  Each specimen will require a different aquarium size (see individual species pages for more information).  Frogfish usually like to find a comfortable spot and sit and wait for a tasty meal to float by.  They are not great swimmers and do not move a lot.  Most frogfish are comfortable with a modest setup using dim to bright lights, a little rock work (liverock works great) and some acceptable marine substrate.

Compatibility / Tankmates

Although we like to keep or frogfish in their own aquarium it is possible to put a frogfish in a reef or fish only tank, but please talk the following precautions.

Water Parameters

Essentially frogfish require the same type of water quality as other saltwater fish and corals.

Salinity: 1.022-1.026
pH: 8.0 - 8.2
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: < 10

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